Arcanium is a substance that can be obtained from disassembling and materials and Amps.

Overview Edit

Arcanium plays an important role in the creation of Amps, which use Arcanium as their base material. Obtaining Arcanium is possible through the disassembly of materials salvaged from MAD and previously created Amps.

There are seven types of Arcanium: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark, and Null.

Related Archives Edit

Science Journal 1 Edit

My great invention began with a substance called Arcanium. Circumstances prompted me to visit the old site of a battle between Verse Maidens and MAD. On the day I headed to the site, I found a beautiful mineral-like substance. This never-before-seen mineral-like substance appears to be what the Verse Maidens call Arcanium. As to why they call it Arcanium, it may be because they think this material - which appears to be formed within MAD - causes supernatural phenomenon to occur. I have taken some of this material back and begun research. I figure if it has something to do with the MAD, it may be of some use to the Verse Maidens. What I ended up creating was an Amplifier that uses Arcanium as its base material.

Science Journal 3 Edit

My talent is so incredible, it's terrifying. I was just kind of thinking about the processing of Arcanium, but I never imagined it could become thread. I'm being badgered about my research costs, so I'll keep quiet about the fact that I accidentally made it while playing around. I know some might wonder what the point is in turning it into thread, but this is a major breakthrough! Making it into thread means being able to weave it into cloth, and being able to use it in the sales of industrial goods. I believe asbestos was a problem in the past but this might be able to function as a substitute. Now it looks like I'll be done in time for the live performance!

Science Journal 4 Edit

Arcanium has the property of easily conducting energy, and using that property we've made a dress from Arcanium thread. When a Verse Maiden wears the dress, the energy she naturally emits is conducted. This makes the dress more tear-resistant than normal clothing, and allows the Verse Maiden to acquire the effects of the attached Amps. Talk about two birds with one stone! To think I was initially playing around... I never came close to imagining it would be utilized in research. Our research will probably be put to use immediately. Looks like I can stop working for now.Which meas I'm free to get serious about my fan club activities! Now no one can stop me!