Aria Idol

Aria Personal

Japanese Name アリア
Gender Female
Birthday August 1st
Height 153cm
Weight 46kg
Weapon Fans
Voice Erii YamazakiJP

Brianna KnickerbockerENG

Aria is one of the protagonists of Omega Quintet and is also a Verse Maiden. A Verse Maiden who started her career earlier than the other four. She drags people into a whirlpool  of confusion with her strange, drawn-out speaking style. Her image color is purple.


Aria Edit

A girl cloaked in a somewhat mysterious aura. She once had her talent recognized by Momoka and was on the verge of debuting, but she was overcome by Blare and developed a psychological illness that led to her taking a leave of absence.

Appearance Edit

Aria is a pale skinned girl with light red-pink eyes. She has very long, slightly curled, flowing white hair that ends inches above her ankles. Her bangs come to her eyes, just barely framing them with parts of longer, thick hair that go past her shoulders and reach her chest.

Idol Clothes Edit

As an idol, Aria's hair is worn in very long pigtails. She gains a big, curved cowlick while her bangs and hair framing her face remains the same. She wears a white dress with strips going down each side of the chest, held together by black ribbons. Along the bottom are lines of purple, white, and pale pink to match the bow at the center of her chest. The breasts portion is black in color. The skirt consists of a purple, frilly pleat with dark purple crescent moon print and white lining. A slit on the side reveals the next layer, which is black ruffles, and the layer beneath it being grey ruffles.

A big pale lilac, pale purple, and white double bow ties onto the back of her waist and has a pattern of lines, crescent moons, and diamonds. She also gains loose, white arm sleeves lined with ruffles of black and dark purple, and bands of purple with a single line of pale purple, a pair of white boots with accenting of dark purple, lavender, and black, a single black stocking with lace on top, and black wrapping on the other. For her pigtails she gains sharp dark purple objects with light purple accenting, while around her neck is a purple collar with pale pink and black ruffles, and a pale pink crescent moon right in the center.

Casual Clothes Edit

Normally Aria wears a black tank top with frills lining the bottom and a white bow on each side of the waist with a cat head skull in the center. On top of this is a black folded vest held shut with a cat head skull with crossbones. The skirt is white in a horizontal shape with black dots and line detail, while the bottom layer is black pleat. She also wears black Mary-Jane shoes with ribbon going up the left leg with a black bow around the ankle, while on the right leg she wears a black stocking with lace on top with a black bow on the side, and a white bow on the ankle. On her right wrist is a white cuff with black lace trim, and on the left arm is a black tulle sleeve, while on her head she wears a black and white split cat-ear cap.

Personality Edit

She seems to have once been cheerful almost to the point of being hyper, but perhaps as a lingering effect of her illness, she is now prone to behaving in ways unfathomable to ordinary people and spending the majority of the day sleeping.

Awakened Aria Edit

Aria's true nature as a Blare. Perhaps due to some lingering hesitation, she retains her human form.

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Personality Edit

Although she used to exhibit emotionless behavior, her speech now includes traces of negative emotions like anger and hate, and ironically is more expressive than she was as a human.

Avatar of Destruction Edit

Completely merged with the Blare, Aria's own body has taken MAD form. However, not all of her will has been taken over by the Blare.

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Aria Report Edit

Aria Report

Aria. A birthday of August 8th has been established, but her past is unknown. Has a height of 153cm and a weight of 46kg. Although she has only recently begun to garner popularity, she joined the office before the other Verse Maidens, only to be injured in battle with Blare and suspended as a result. Recently, she appears to have returned as a Verse Maiden because her wounds have healed. Although mysterious with near-unreadable thoughts, among the Verse Maidens she has the greatest ability in song and dance. Because of that, her popularity is unexpectedly high and she has many fans. Everything regarding her private life is shrouded in mystery, to the point where one can say she's hardly ever seen in the city. But since Verse Maidens must leave the office for reasons other than work, we plan to conduct our investigations via stakeout. Furthermore, because entering the premises violates our commandment of 'Thou shalt not become a nuisance to the Verse Maidens,' and because we do not wish to lose our lives to the excessive protection of the security system, we must not enter the premises. We must persist in conducting our investigation from a distance.


Episode Details CG
3 Tired of always being one step behind Kyouka, Otoha, Kanadeko and Nene try to find a way to upstage her. Ayumi comes in and remembers a fifth Verse Maiden that only Nene knows about, that being Aria. They seek her out in the Verdant Greenbelt and find her after being mistaken for Mr. Kitty that they saw beforehand.

Aria says she can't join them after the events of being overcome by the Blare but Ayumi contacts Takt during the conversation and tells him the Blare are attacking the town and so they hurry to take care of business there and even learn that Kyouka is having a hard time as well. Aria is also seen in the town separate from the other Verse Maidens. The episode ends when the area collapses.

4 The episode begins with Takt in the Skyscraper Shelter when the area collapsed when Episode 3 ended. He hears Kyouka's voice and after some talking, they go together. They run into Aria a short time later and she goes with them as well.

When they get out and find the other Verse Maidens, this is the point all five Verse Maidens are in the party for the first time. They head back to the office with a surprised Ayumi and Momoka when they see Aria. Much of the rest of the storyline has Aria sleeping even out of her room on occasion.

5 One character event at the piano in the office, Aria performs a song and dance and everyone becomes amazed and speechless of how good she is outside of fighting even after she was overcome. Her song "Complex:CRESCENT" is unlocked at the end of the event.
6 Aria's Dowsing skill increases to 2 after completing the "Show Me A Skill! 9" quest during the episode.
8 Aria's Dowsing skill raises to 3 after completing the "Show Me A Skill! 15" quest during the episode. At the end of the episode in the Skyscraper Shelter, Aria is seen transforming into a Blare and leaves the party.
9 When the Verse Maidens go to see Aria by sneaking out, they talk to her, only to have her walk away because of Kyouka's desire to fight her as a Blare. They then get yelled at by Momoka. When they later return, depending on the ending the player went with, either the barrier disappears upon getting there or Momoka removes it with her last bit of Verse Maiden power. Aria fights against the other Verse Maidens at the episode's end and loses.
Normal Route Aria is fought and defeated as the Avatar of Destruction and is given her old personality back after the other Verse Maidens escape but dies as the building collapses on her.
True Route After the other Verse Maidens defeat Awakened Aria, she is able to be persuaded and goes back with them. They then head for the office with Aria shaking because she knows Momoka was very furious after Otoha tells her and gets whacked even though it hurts Momoka in turn and Aria rejoins the party.

After that, they head for Central Tower and settle things with Mr. Kitty who takes a human appearance of its own. It disappears after defeating it in battle and leaves the Verse Maidens to deal with the huge mass of Blare that appeared before them, Scordatura. After the battle, they flee the tower and get word that the Blare disappeared completely. They hold a second concert to celebrate.

Epilogue Depending on if the player selected Aria as their favored Verse Maiden during the events of Episode 9's True Route, Aria will be seen traveling alongside Takt as they go to survey the areas outside of Middleton for Blare.



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  • Aria is the only member of Omega Quintet to not be represented by a playing card suit symbol.
    • In the sense of playing cards, a special card that does not belong to no suit are often called Jokers, which is also the name of her head accessory.
      • This could also reference how Aria is the only member of the quintet who is actually a Blare, therefore making her the special one.