The Collection Box is where you can exchange coins for items and exchange raw materials for different raw materials.

Overview Edit

Coins Edit

Via Collect, you can spend Coins in exchange for key items like system unlocks and patterns. Coins are reward received upon finishing Quests. They are also scattered around the field as Lost Items. In addition to being used for the Collection Box, Coins are also necessary to exchange for various retain able items that can be used at the start of later playthroughs. In addition to being obtainable as lost items and quest rewards, Coins can also be obtained from Bonuses in later playthroughs. Later playthrough Bonuses change depending on the Game Mode.

Raw Material Exchange Edit

Via the Collection Box, you can also perform a Raw Material Exchange. The Raw Material Exchange allows you to exchange your raw materials for others. It is very helpful in cases when you don't have enough of a particular type of raw material to create something/