The Expansion Disc is an item that allows the activation of Chain Skills. It is related to the Harmonics Disc, which allow the Verse Maiden's to learn and upgrade skills.

Overview Edit

Expansion Discs allow the Verse Maiden's to execute Chain Skills. They can be obtained as a Quest reward, or simply found lying about in a field as a Lost Item.

Expansion Disc List Edit

vol. Location Chain Skill
01 [MAD Hunt Request B] quest reward Lucerne Hammer
02 [Hunt Down MAD! #2] quest reward Landler
03 [MAD Hunt Request B] quest reward Morning Star
04 [Hunt Down MAD! #2] quest reward Warrior Arena
05 [Hunt Down MAD! #2] quest reward Baionnette
06 Training Facility [1st Floor] Empress Domain
07 Training Facility [1st Floor] Third Melody
08 Training Facility [1st Floor] Dry Sonata
09 Training Facility [1st Floor] Tricolor Sword
10 [MAD Hunt Request D] quest reward Flame Arbalest
11 [Hunt Down MAD! #4] quest reward Coulomb Beam
12 [MAD Hunt Request D] quest reward Cyclone
13 [Hunt Down MAD! #4] quest reward Outbreak
14 Collection Box Emperor Beam
15 [Show Me A Skill! #4] quest reward Quarter Raid
16 Collection Box Prominenza
17 Collection Box Arctic Frost
18 Collection Box Lightning Typhoon
19 Collection Box Falling Stardust
20 [The Folded Heart of a Fan] quest reward Revelation Cross
21 [The Folded Heart of a Fan] quest reward Cosmic Fan
22 Collection Box Valiant Justice
23 Collection Box Ragnarok
Pro-Wrestler's Friend [Training Results #1] quest reward Resonance
Music Textbook [Training Results #2] quest reward Twin Meldoy
Book of Prophecy Arid Wilderness [Northern Wasteland] Harmony
Little Kitty's Big Adventure Skyscrapper Shelter Tragedy
The Three Who Kill Verdant Greenbelt [Stargzers Field] Destruction
Someone's Poem Yamate Town Ruins Soul Poetry
Dance Choreography Notebook Arid Wilderness [Valley Supply Base] Gospel Prayer
Middleton Education Anthology Skyscrapper Shelter [Corridor] Allegro Giocoso
Five Little Piggies Picture Book Episode 10 Event (3rd floor of the Office) Eternal Quintet