Flash Effects are special effects that occur when MAD and Verse Maidens fight. Flash Effects occur during individual turns.

Overview Edit

When a turn rolls around during Flash Effect conditions (displayed on the left of the turn icon), certain effects will occur. The results range from HP Recovery to Damage Up. These effects happen not just to Verse Maidens, but MAD as well.

Because Flash Effects occur during turns, you can change the target of the effects by adjusting the Wait time and switching the turn order. For MAD, you can use Turn Delay to mess with the enemy's turn and prevent it from receiving a Flash Effect. You can also activate Live Concert Mode to remove the MAD's Flash Effect.

Flash Effect List Edit

Icon Effect Description
Heal HP Icon Heal HP Restores HP on their turn.
Heal SP Icon Heal SP Restores SP on their turn.
Skill Damage Up Icon Skill Damage Up Increases the amount of damage inflicted by Skills.
E Skill Damage Up Icon E Skill Damage Up Increases the amount of damage inflicted by E Skills.
Accuracy Up Icon Accuracy Up Increases Accuracy when attacking.
100% Accuracy Icon 100% Accuracy 100% chance of any attack or Skill hitting the specified target.
E Skill 100% Accuracy Icon E Skill 100% Accuracy 100% chance of E Skills hitting the specified target.
Lower Wait Icon Lower Wait Decreases the Wait time for the next turn.
SP Use Down Icon SP Use Down Decreases the amount of SP consumed when using Skills.
Action Count Bonus Action Count Bonus Increases Action Count for the turn.
Status Abnormality Rate Up Icon Status Abnormality Rate Up Increases the rate of inflicting Status Abnormalities on MAD.
Voltage Rate Up Icon Voltage Rate Up Increases the amount the Voltage Gauge goes up when MAD are attacked.
EXP Up Icon EXP Up Increases the amount of EXP earned from defeating MAD.
EP Up Icon EP Up Increases the amount of EP earned from defeating MAD.
Drops Up Icon Drops Up Increases the drop rate from defeating MAD.