The Harmonics Disc is a tool that allows the Verse Maidens to learn and upgrade skills. It is also related to the Expansion Disc, which allows for use of Chain Skills.

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In-game, the setup of the Harmonics Disc is is slightly different between the Verse Maidens. Each Verse Maiden has the same Energy and Mic skills on their Harmonics Disc, but different special skills and abilities. However, Takt has a largely different Harmonics Disc from the Verse Maidens, as his contains less nodes and primarily boosts his action count along with providing skills to help support the Verse Maiden he is paired with.

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Harmonics Disc Edit

Among the techniques worked out by the Verse Maidens is a technique know as Harmonics.The purpose of this technique is to have multiple Verse Maidens working in tandem. Lately, the Verse Maidens have begun to record a Disc that will archive such things as the method for secret Harmonics art of Chain Skills.

The Verse Maidens claim this Disc will eventually be needed but will there really be an eventual need? It would be ice if their successors continued from one generation to the next, but somehow that seems unlikely. Only the Verse Maidens know the true details, but it seems in the near future, Harmonics will become unusable.

Various authorized personnel have been requested to carefully safeguard the recorded Disc. The Disc itself doesn't degrade, so it should last for a few centuries. Since they made an effort to prepare this item, they hope it can be used properly.