Gender Female

Jamie is a denizen of Middleton that lives in the Northwest Zone of the city. She often gives the player quests as the story progresses.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Jamie appears to be a young girl with light brown hair. Due to the hockey mask, it is unknown what he face looks like.

Personality Edit

Jamie seems to be a fairly introverted girl who doesn't seem to enjoy going outside much or associating with other people.

Quests Edit

  • Taste For Strange Food - My Granny has a Weird Palette
  • Weapon Recovery Request - Recover the Forgotten Weapon
  • Breezy Mask - I Want To Make A More Breathable Mask
  • Nothing But Scary Things Outside - I'm Going to Become Even More of a Shut-In
  • Protect My Dear Friend - I Want You to Protect My Dear Friend
  • I'm in a Terrible Mood - If Only I Had an Angel's Secret
  • Defeat the MAD - I'm Scared and It's Bothering Me

Trivia Edit

  • Jamie seems to be loosely based on Jason from the Friday the 13th American horror franchise.
    • Both Jamie and Jason wear a hockey mask, and her quest Recover the Forgotten Weapon, explicitly makes the connection when she requests for you to bring back the "Weapon from Friday the 13th".