Lost Items are items found lying about while exploring fields. These items are often surrounded by Blare.

Overview Edit

Lost Items can be found while exploring a field. In some cases, the item in question will be surrounded by Blare. When this is the case, Otoha's Elimination ability can remove the Blare surrounding the item so that it can be retrieved. Some Lost Items are also hidden and can only be found and obtained with Aria's Dowsing ability.

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Lost Item Edit

I knew they could possess people and living creatures, but I'd never heard of Blare attaching themselves to items. Yesterday, after a lot of hard work, I finally found and item I lost. But I couldn't retrieve it because it was surrounded by Blare. It was such an expensive item, too... I couldn't believe it! But on the other hand, that means no one else can touch it either, right? Could this actually be the safest place for my treasure?