Managers are the people who support the Verse Maidens in their activities fighting against the Blare and protecting the civilians.

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Managers support Verse Maidens in their activities regarding the Blare and their standing regarding the people they protect. It is the Manager's job to help the Verse Maidens by giving them advice and making sure they are fit for fighting against Blare and are able to gain the public's support. Managers live in the Office alongside the Verse Maidens and do things such as paperwork and helping with Verse Maiden promotion. However, in Takt's case, he fights alongside the Verse Maidens as due to special reasons.

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[Management Staff]

To parties look to support the Verse Maidens who protect the town. and parties with an interest in chairmanship. why don't we work together to protect the town? We are looking for someone who would like to be employed in an all-encompassing job that includes everything from office work to chair duties. Our office was established with the aim of supporting the Verse Maidens and maintaining order in the town. If you work with us, the Verse Maidens you once admired from the other side of the screen may become closer to you than you think!? Housing and benefits included! To those of you who are confident in your physical ability and your psychological resilience, as well as good judgement-- let's work together! Salary is negotiable! The location of employment will be revealed after formal hire.

Phone number 〇〇〇–〇〇〇〇

-Hiring Manager Ayumi

Manager ListEdit

Manager Verse Maidens Managed
Ayumi Momoka
Takt Otoha, Kyouka, Kanadeko, Nene, Aria