Japanese Name モモカ
Gender Female
Birthday August 8th
Height 149cm
Weight 49kg
Blood Type AB
Voice Marina Inoue

Momoka is a supporting character in Omega Quintet. In active duty since many years, she is a Song Maiden that keeps working; not only that, but also a veteran whose real age is rumored to have hit a certain limit. She is self proclaimed "Forever 17."


Appearance Edit

Momoka is a pale-fair skinned girl with very dull, stormy blue eyes. She has pale lilac hair pulled up into a held ponytail, along with straight cut bangs and three very messy hairs that stick up.

Momoka wears a pale striped, oversized shirt or dress, underneath a pink and white themed jacket. She also wears white scrunched school socks and pink slippers.

Personality Edit

In front of the media she behaves like a perfect idol, but she's usually sarcastic and rude.


Momoka is usually seen as a very rude person, especially to Shiori for much of the story. She also gives both physical and mental lectures to the other Verse Maidens. When the game starts, you control her in South Middleton and when post-game is reached at the end of the story, she joins the party if you see the event at the chalkboard.


  • Her age is hinted to be between thirty and forty, but a few implications imply her age is thirty-seven.


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