Omega Quintet PV Songs
Omega Quintet PV SONGS
Release Date Dec 10, 2014
Media Format CD
Published by Lantis (distributed by Bandai Visual)

Omega Quintet PV Songs is a 10 track vocal soundtrack that contains all four insert songs from Omega Quintet along with solo versions for each Verse Maiden.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Inchoate Voice (Quintet ver.)
  2. Eureka (Quintet ver.)
  3. MOVE*MENTER (Quintet ver.)
  4. Manmarumarui (Quintet ver.)
  5. Complex:CRESCENT (Quintet ver.)
  6. Inchoate Voice (Otoha ver.)
  7. Eureka (Kyouka ver.)
  8. MOVE*MENTER (Kanadeko ver.)
  9. Manmarumarui (Nene ver.)
  10. Complex:CRESCENT (Aria ver.)