Pair is a mechanic that allows a Verse Maiden to pair with Takt and use a variety of his support actions.

Overview Edit

Pursuit and Defense Edit

When the Verse Maiden paired with Takt attack, you can use one of Takt's Action Counts to perform Pursuit. Takt's Pursuit, in addition to doing damage, has the effect of postponing a MAD's turn by 1, called Turn Delay. The damage dealt falls short of the Verse Maiden's but it ca be considered an effective means of landing a finishing blow or adjusting the turn order.

Also, in addition to Pursuit, Takt can also perform Pair Defense and Group Defense. Pair Defense reduces damage take when the Verse Maiden you are paired with is attacked. Group Defense reduces damage for everyone, not just the Verse Maiden you are paired with.

Pursuit and Defense both use up Takt's Action Count, and once his Action Count hits 0, they can be used anymore. However, Takt's Action Count is replenished after every battle and can also go up in battle by attacking and defeating MAD.

Paired Effect Edit

When a Verse Maiden pairs with Takt, a stat-raising Paired Effect will occur. The increased stat and any other special effects vary depending on Takt's Support Type. Changing the support type can be done from the Order Change menu by pressing the triangle button.

Support Types can be increased via Takt's Disc Analysis. You can select Takt's Support Type depending on whether you want him to further a Verse Maiden's strong points or cover her weak points.

Support Types Edit

Name Type Support Effects Explanation
Balance Assist Balance Contamination - Recover
Sleep - Recover
Paralysis - Recover
Seal - Recover
Panic - Recover
Darkness - Recover
Virus - Recover
Damage done to enemy with a status abnormality increases by 50%
Mic Assist Balance Skill Damage Up
Skill Damage Down
Skill Attack Power Up by 50%, Skill Defense Power Up by 50%
Energy Assist Balance
Precision Strike Assist Balance
Critical Assist Balance
Five-Element Attacker Direct
Special Strike Direct
Chain Strike Direct
Snipe Strike Direct
Mic Strike Direct
Negation Guardian Energy
Resistance Guardian Energy
Defensive Guardian Energy
Five-Element Guardian Energy
E Skill Guardian Energy
Hit and Run Technical
Low Fuel Consumption Master Technical
Tech Greed Technical
Acrobatics Master Technical
Diet Master Technical
Healing Support Support
Acquisition Support Support
Bonus Paradise Support
Bonus Heaven Support
Bonus Tengoku Support