Japanese Name ねこ
Gender Female

Pet is a cat-like creature that always sticks close to Aria. However, its cry seems just short of sounding like a cat. Since Aria's arrival at the office, it's common to see it having an afternoon nap with her or wandering around on its own. People either find it adorable, or unspeakably creepy. It almost seems like it can understand human speech, but its hard to be sure.

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A creature that is probably a cat, although its cry is not even close to cat-like.

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Awakened Blare Edit

A Blare that, upon invading Aria's mind absorbed her will and emotions and obtained a human form.

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Its basic personality is that of the former Aria, but because it has not had emotions for long, it possesses a childlike innocence. All of its actions are informed by its simple, non-malevolent desire to enjoy itself.

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It acts like a cat for much of the story, but at the end of Episode 8, it starts talking normally. If the player is on the true ending route, after Aria is defeated as a Blare in Episode 9, Pet transforms into a human. After being defeated at Central Tower, Pet gathers the Blare and then disappears with Aria's old personality.

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