Japanese Name タクト
Gender Male
Weapon Sword
Voice Shintaro AsanoumaJP
Johnny Yong BoschENG

Takt is the protagonist of Omega Quintet. Takt is childhood friends with Otoha, who grew up in the same facility as he did. He tries to avoid any troublesome affairs, but always gets dragged into things by Otoha.

Even though he complains, he is generally caring. Because of this, he comes to be the new Verse Maiden Otoha's manager and bodyguard.



Takt appears as a young teen male with light skin, brown hair and green eyes. He wears a pale brown blazer and a white undershirt underneath. Around this is a red and white stripped neck tie that is slightly loosened and falls near the brown belt around his waist. Takt also wears black pants and dark brown boots to compliment the rest of his attire.


Takt has an extremely mature personality for his age. At best, he can be described as calm an collected, at worst, apathetic and uninterested in anything.


Takt is first seen wandering around town with Otoha in the prologue. When they later get attacked by a Blare, Otoha saves him and they both end up at the office when they fainted. During the Training Facility part of the exam, Otoha messes up enough for Takt to go in and save her. It is at this time that he becomes a party member as support. He becomes the manager of the Verse Maidens and carries out his work despite his complaints. In battle, he is able to pair up with a given Verse Maiden and support her. He is also able to support the others if an enemy attack targets more than one Verse Maiden.


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