Theater Hall is a place located in the town of Middleton. The player only visits this location once in the entire game making it imperative that they find everything that can be found here before the scenario is complete.

Lost Items Edit

Theater Hall Lost Item Map
No. Available Items Field Action Level Quest
1 Vitamin Supplement × 1 Elimination Lv.1 None
2 Coin × 2 Elimination Lv.1 None
3 Grape Beads × 1 Elimination Lv.1 None
4 Beast Hunter × 1 None None
5 Camo Blur × 1 None None
6 Circle SL × 1 Elimination Lv.1 None
7 Lavender Perfume × 1

Coin × 2

Elimination Lv.1 [I Don't Have Lavender Perfume]

Lavender Perfume × 1

8 Revival Medicine × 1 None None
9 Healing Mist × 1

Hiring Notice × 1

Elimination Lv.1 [Requesting Healing Mist]

Healing Mist × 1

MAD Edit

Theater Hall MAD Map
MAD Spawn Point Appearance Drops
Larva A, B, C, D, E Caterpillar Withered Red Flower

Green Rubble

Giant Vermin A, B, D, E Mantis Maple Syrup
Devol Lizard B, C, E Lizard Giant Tail

Red Rubble

Achilles B, C, D Deer Heroic Horns

Blue Rubble

Hunger Wolf  ! Behemoth Beast Fang

Red Rock

Colossal Insect  ! Giant Pollen

Brown Rubble