The Verse Maiden Fan Club are a group of individuals who cheer on and support the Verse Maidens' activities. They're essentially groupies for the Verse Maidens.

Overview Edit

The Verse Maiden Fan Club seems to comprised of primarily male members. Their leader, Tomekichi, fervently supports the Verse Maidens and doesn't seem to have too high of an opinion regarding the younger generation of the fan clubs members, calling them young punks who lack spirit. The Verse Maiden Fan Club seems to have been around for quite a few decades, perhaps dating as far back as when the Verse Maidens were founded.

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Commandments! Edit

First! Thou shalt cheer on the Verse Maidens with all thine heart!
Second! Thou shalt not interfere with the Verse Maidens!
Third! Thou shalt not become a nuisance to the Verse Maidens!
Fourth! Thou shalt immediately purge those with evil intentions!
Fifth! Those who speak ill of the Verse Maidens will not be forgiven!
Sixth! Thou shalt always remain faithful to the Verse Maidens!
Seventh! Thou must never use the restroom while the Verse Maidens are working!