The Workshop is where the player can create new items, disassemble materials, order new outfits, repair outfits, strengthen outfits, and set Amps to outfits.

Overview Edit

Disassemble Edit

Using the Workshop's Disassemble function, you can decompose raw materials and items in exchange for EP (Energy Points) and Arcanium. Disassembling raw materials and items will cause them to be saved as Decomposed Items.

Order Outfit Edit

Outfits can be obtained via the Workshop's Outfit Order function. Use the R2 and L2 buttons to select a heroine and an outfit. Heroines cannot exchange outfits among themselves. If one wants another heroine to use a particular outfit, they must recreate it. To make outfits, a Pattern is necessary. Patterns can be obtained from the Collection Box, and other places.

Creation Edit

Use the Workshop's Creation option to create various items like consumable, equipment, etc. EP is necessary for the creation of all items. If there is not enough EP, the item cannot be made. One can gain EP by winning battles against MAD, or by disassembling things in the Workshop.

Among the items are some items that need to be disassembled first. Items that need to be disassembled will have a that need displayed when the cursor is placed over the item you are trying to create. When the display shows red character, that means the amount of the decomposed items is insufficient. Once you a disassembled those items you can create the item.

Repair Outfit Edit

Repair Outfit allows you repair damaged Costumes at the price of EP. The lower the Durability Value of the costume, the more EP it will cost to repair.

Outfit Strength Edit

Outfit Strength allows you to increase the strengthen the Verse Maiden's costumes which will in turn increase the Durability Value and allow more Amps to be set. The higher the level of the costume, the more EP it will take to strengthen it.

Amp Set Edit

Amp Set allows you to set Amps to the Verse Maidens' costumes. The number of available Amp slots is dependent on the level of the costume. You can increase a costume's level by increasing its strength.